From the National Pole Vault Summit — Daily Blog Installment 7: FINAL Day

by Debra Chappell


If you look close — this is one heck of an all-star team! (Taken at the Spirit plant)

The UCS Spirit Reno National Pole Vault Summit concluded yesterday with 57 competitions held on 11 pits, featuring vaulters at every level.  Competition started at 7:00 am and went on continuously on every pit until about  9:00 pm last night.  After several days of little sleep and what has become the standard Summit diet (caffeine, Cheetos, and breath mints), the day was long but never the less thrilling and exciting.

The “crew” (Lane’s band of miracle workers) started tearing down equipment in reverse order. With every hand available being pressed into service, his wife Kelly and I decided it was a good time to make a run for it for a bite to eat with real silverware, and a bottle of wine split between us (which we of course declined initially as too much but managed to suck down every last drop.) The student athletes of UC Davis, Chico State, Mt. San Antonio College, Butte College, and Right of Passage worked tirelessly into the wee hours converting the arena back into it’s original state.

Again, I have lots of video of how the day went, most of them are quite short but will give you an idea of the atmosphere of the National Pole Vault Summit 2013:

Saturday Morning January 19th…

Line for Jenn Suhr autograph:

Interview with Jenn Suhr – Olympic Champion London 2012:

Interview with Coach (and husband) Rick Suhr:

Forgot your poles?  Have blown through them?  No worries, you can rent one:

Thiago Braz Da Silva (Brazil – World Junior Champion):

Mary Saxer with fan:

View from the arena floor:

The Usual Suspects:

Getting to be that time in the day:

Open Men’s Line-up 2013:

Local boy makes good (and 550m!!) Mike Arnold – originally from Carson City:

That’s it for now From the Pole Vault Summit – thanks for joining me this week, it’s been a terrific time and I’ve been delighted to have you on board for the duration.

Tommorrow I will do a re-cap of the week with a few of my observations, both wise and otherwise.  Until then…run fast, plant high, and go get that PR!

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