About Debra Chappell

Debra Chappell is a writer-come-home designer-come-house-renovator, and sometime blogger with many interests, 5 grandchildren, a penchant for vintage dishes, antique silverware and other old cra…stuff, including a basement full of ‘collectibles’  that she just knows she will get around to refinishing or otherwise repurposing one day.  She has yet to settle upon a single profession and now, at the age most people are retiring, is still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up.

Though the Covid pandemic temporarily curbed her wanderlust, her various passions and interests have taken her along various interesting paths and creative pilgrimages which she enjoys sharing when the mood strikes…

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So pull up a chair, refresh your coffee cup or wine glass, fasten your seat belt, tool belt, or any other belt that fits comfortably and welcome to the journey….of home renovation, travel, food, politics, writing, and anything else that strikes our fancy! There’s  lots of fun to be had, Sauv Blanc to drink, and adventures to share from the renovated marble kitchen counter of her first restoration project…a 1930’s brick bungalow which captured a writers heart and inspired a creative spirit within it!

Welcome aboard!