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When Petunias Score Higher Ratings than CNN…

View from the basket at Home Depot:


Mood Reading:  ZZZZ’s (slept pretty well after gardening all day and staying up past my normal bedtime to watch the finale of “Mr. Selfridge” on PBS)

Okay, Okay! I know it’s been weeks since I posted my last blog and I am thrilled several of you have apparently noticed and told me so. I owe you an explanation – and I wish I had a good reason.  But I don’t.  The truth is…I have several.  For anyone following this space regularly, you know (or have figured out) that I’m normally a somewhat chirpy, sarcastic, sometimes witty (if it’s a good day,) mostly upbeat person with a wise ass streak that matches my girth. Several things contribute to what I like to call my “sassy” mood…namely the amount of sleep I’ve had the night before, morning caffeine, evening Sauvignon Blanc, or the reverse of those if it’s been a particularly rough week. Read the rest of this entry »


The Long (but not) Board Races.

View From the Longboard Races Johnsville, CA:

photo copy 7

Mood Reading:  ZZZ’s (had to get up early to meet tax accountant this morning UGH! —Not my idea of a proper reason to meet the sunrise.)

We took advantage of Spring while it popped it’s perky little head in briefly over two glorious days last weekend.  It has since gone back into hiding but nevermind, we managed to get most of the photo copy 4winter cleanup at the cabin done in all of one day and paid the requisite king’s ransom in Advil and aching (belly and otherwise.)  But on Sunday, sore as I was, I dragged my sorry backside out of bed to the smell of coffee and the promise of a day out at the unique and somewhat quirky annual Longboard Races up in Johnsville, located just a few miles up the road. Read the rest of this entry »

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words (and some of them are obscenities)

View from the front deck (at the cabin):

photo copy 8

Mood Reading: ZZZ’s (stayed up to finish the end of a book I’ve been reading and couldn’t get to sleep right away.  I love books that stay with you afterwards…)

It’s nothing really, just a little itty bitty thing all marriages deal with from time to time. But what it lacks in size it makes up for in impact on marital stability, so one would be foolish to underestimate it’s small but mighty power.  According to virtually all of my friends, it seems to be a universal in truth and obviously worthy of it’s own blog post. Read the rest of this entry »