Out of Paris by the Skin of Our Teeth (and with a few Euros left!) Hello Venizia!

by Debra Chappell

View coming into Venice by Water taxi:



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4:30 came awfully quick this morning.  Elaine and I spent our last night in Paris dining outside at a imagelovely little cafe near Isle St. Louis.  We chatted over chilled Sancerre with one of the locals about the magic and marvels of his beloved City of lights and then flanuered past Notre Dame around 11:30 pm.  The streets alive with tourists, residents, and endless energy – we came across a delightful couple from NYC who had just landed and stopped long enough to share some stories, give our limited but solicited perspective of what to see (their first visit) and share some bawdy guffaws and good natured laughs as only Americans can in an otherwise discreetly soft-spoken civilized city.  Got back to the hotel around midnite and realized we had only a little over 4  hours to pack our flea market finds (EGADS!! We’re only four days in and already using the expandable feature on our suitcases), sleep, phoof our hair, and start it  all over again in a different country!

By some miracle we made it to the airport on time only to discover EasyJets “extra” policies (“oh, you want to bring luggage? 35 Euro.  You want a cup of coffee? 9 Euro please.  What’s that, you want to use the bathroom? 10 Euro please. You say you want to breathe on the flight too? That will be 20 cents per breath please —  but you can buy a dozen for an even 2 Euro…”) Needless to say we arrived in Venice at 8:30 in the morning crabby, tired, hungry and out of breath.  We knew our luck was about to change however when we caught the first glimpse of the fabulous Venetian scenery….

image(meet John Marco!!)

imageHe gave us a thrilling high speed ride to our hotel and within minutes of arriving we were in a imagesplendid little courtyard sipping cappuccino and nibbling pastries, fresh yogurt and soft boiled eggs.  The Hotel Palazzo Abadessa is fab and after the expensive shoebox known as Hotel Dauphine in Paris,  this seems palatial.  Matteo (the front desk manager) greeted us warmly, soothed our frazzled spirits and even  upgraded our room for no extra charge. (Take that Easy Jet!!)

















We’ve had a lovely day exploring, watching the gondolas, sipping Bellini’s at the famed Harry’s bar, sampling the traditionally acclaimed pasta Vongole that Venice is known for, and are now kicking back catching our breath before an evening of Cicchettis (tappas-like small plates) and music in San Marco square.

Paris – though lovely and still a favorite – fading in the rearview mirror like a tan 2 weeks after the seaside holiday – au revoir… til next time.

Venice ….


BUON GIORNO! – We’re ready if you are!!!!