When Too Much Fun Can Leave You Dog Tired.

by Debra Chappell



MOOD READING: ZZZ’s (I don’t know what’s been wrong with me lately, waking before the sun comes up…most unlike me.  Maybe I need a check-up!!)

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Any sojourn to the cabin get-away begins at Whole Foods.  I made a trip the day before departure DSC_0085_1to stock up on only the necessary “rations”.  We always declare ahead of time that it will be a weekend of healthy eating and exercise — an idea that usually gets thrown out the window the moment someone mentions guacamole , (all of about 5 minutes into the car ride.)  In any case, to be prepared, I picked up a few (relative term) things I thought we would need…kale, salad greens, fruit, mineral water etc.  But oh, that raisin bread looks really good, that would be nice in the morning, and ahhh a few fresh baked croissants wouldn’t hurt. And cheese, yes, a bit of protein and maybe some rice crackers…really? No rice crackers suck, Triscuits are better, just this one time.  And oh hell, let’s just throw in some corn chips just in case we need a nibble and surely a bit of chocolate won’t hurt….and well, you get the picture.

The morning of departure I loaded the ice chest and my oh-so-chic authentic French market basket with 67 pounds of “essential” groceries, only to find that when the others arrived at my house, they had done the same.  We could have used a skip loader just to lift it all into my little SUV but managed to cram it in ourselves along with 3 overnight bags, a variety of makeup kits, wardrobes for any unforeseen occasion, an apparently necessary personal pillow, and one very confused looking dog.

When we were all piled in and suitably buckled up, the dog took her rightful place in the lap of the back seat passenger (and a good thing she was a dog lover!)

These new cars with all their computerized technology are a marvel. I have discovered that there apparently is a direct mechanical link between the parking break of my car and the jawbones of it’s occupants.  When one disengages the other automatically and simultaneously engages….and doesn’t stop until the destination is reached.  It’s such an advantage for the driver – the time just flies by and you needn’t worry your silly head about stop signs, lane maintenance, or the occasional hand signals from other drivers. You arrive at your destination refreshed, relaxed (from all the roadside therapy) and with no memory what-so-ever of what could be an otherwise laborious journey!!

photo copy 3When we pulled up to the cabin, we unloaded the car in short order and with skilled efficiency had pulled out requisite guacamole and Chardonnay within 15 minutes of arrival, surely a record.  Here-to-fore mentioned jaw-bones now sufficiently warmed up and relaxed, they were in fine working order for the remainder of the weekend.

After the rigors of our cocktail hour (which stretched on for three) we decided to get some exercise by visiting the local micro-brewery and enjoyed a hearty pint each. Over our “Ambush Ale” we discussed what we should make for dinner, but somehow on the way back to the cabin managed to get sidelined at the photo copy 2Coyote Grill with some not half bad Sauvignon Blanc and a huge plate of Nachos Supreme.  Oh well, why dirty up the kitchen anyway.

We woke up at the crack of mid-morning the next day to at least put a dent in the baked goods we’d brought, and after raisin toast, fruit, a croissant or two, and a half gallon of fresh photo copy 6pressed coffee each, were suitably pumped and ready to give the ol’ snow shoes a work-out…that is of course as soon as we finished poking around those cute little shops in town and a quick visit with a friend that was moving from the area. Finally we embarked on the snow trail about half past one, and had ourselves a fine little trek, the dog being most appreciative of the open space and freedom.

 photo copy Afterwards, with jawbones still in tact and performing splendidly, we came back to the cabin and actually managed to make a healthy dinner of salmon and salad, only marginally depleting our grocery supply.

The last day at the cabin we diligently tried to lighten our provisions during breakfast with only limited success.  We cleaned up the cabin and loaded at least 65 of the original 67 pounds of groceries back into ice chests and market baskets, and packed up the car to head off to Truckee and Lake Tahoe for a day of shopping.  Leaving no antique shop or home décor store unturned, we shopped until we were ready to drop and our jawbones were all but expired.  We arrived home that evening sufficiently exhausted, happy, and almost (but not quite) talked out, vowing to do it all again sometime soon.  As we unpacked the car and said our good byes, I noticed the dog hightailing it indoors.  While I brought in and put away all the remaining groceries and laundry, I observed that she had made herself at home on the living room couch and had seemingly taken refuge in the sudden peace and quiet of the evening. I could be mistaken, but I think we just plain wore her out.

photo copy 4