The Deafening Silence of Productivity

by Debra Chappell

I know I’ve been uncharacteristically quiet this week and indeed, this post will be a quick one as well.  Lots going on – on the calendar and in my noggin!

My editor sent me a batch of new chapters at the beginning of the week and we had a long phone discussion about them.  I hung up totally energized and inspired by her suggestions and couldn’t wait to get to work.  (I love it when she throws me crumb and I can just run with it – hopefully not straight into a block wall!)

It seems that the creative juices that had been stewing on a low simmer while she was editing them became a rolling boil by the end of our conversation and I wanted to get them out of the brain cavity and onto the page before they thickened to a hard crust between my ears. So…

Since the hubby was out of town on business, I took myself up to the cabin last week and have been writing furiously since — not wanting to stop to blog, eat or even walk the dog.  (Who knew that sitting behind a computer all day CAN be good for the waistline?!)  I’m back home now but still “in the zone”, so will be hard at it for the next few days.  I may have to break down and take the pooch for a run though, she doesn’t seem to understand or care about a masterpiece in the making!!!

I want to ride this creative wave as long as I can, the older I get I live in constant fear that the thought I had just a second ago will disappear entirely in the time it takes to grab the pen to jot it down.  Don’t laugh, it happens constantly when I walk from the kitchen to the laundry room and can’t remember why.

Since I’m leaving for New York next week for visits with my agent and editor, I have extra incentive to concentrate all my energy in this direction right now.  Nothing like a face to face keep the ideas flowing (and put the fear of God into you – when they ask about the new conflict you’ve introduced in Chapter Six, and want to know how it will be resolved by Chapter 29, you can’t just say, “Oh I don’t know, I’ll come up with something!”)

We’ve all been there when things suddenly dry up and you can’t seem to eek out another syllable, so I’m going to indulge myself now while I’m on this roll.

I’ll come up for air before I leave with a proper blog post later this week, and thank you so much for your patience.  The blog would be nothing without your reading it, and I so appreciate you spending your time here and passing it along.   I’ll have plenty to report, and lots of new fodder when I return from my trip as well, so in the meantime, just know how your support, understanding and loyalty keeps me going.

So without further adieu,  I’ll get back to it while the fingers are nimble and the ideas are percolating – stay in touch and we’ll see you back here soon!