Adolescents Fight To The Death Over Food (And other cheery menu ideas for that Happy Meal!)

by Debra Chappell

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A friend of ours from California, Steve Thomas, wrote my husband a note yesterday in which he mentioned my blog.  The hubby and the California Steve stay in touch regularly over their shared passion (read that obsession/fetish) – the pole vault. After reading of my “meanderings from the kitchen counter” which Steve has apparently been following via my Facebook link, he has offered some constructive advice regarding my novel. 

Beyond the advice though, there are Three Things that got me excited about Calif. Steve’s e-mail:

  1. A.    He’s following the blog.  You never know who your audience is going to be, and it’s nice to know someone other than the “predictable demographic” is reading it (namely my relatives and women between the ages of 45 and 65 – and I’m not even sure about that first one.) That’s not to say that I’m not eternally grateful for both – I’m just sayin’…
  2. B.    He’s following via my FACEBOOK link: I’ve often wondered if anyone clicks on that link when it’s posted among the other odd tidbits and oh-so-witty comments that seem to come up spontaneously on FB. (Some of the one-liners on  Twitter and FB are funnier than anything you see on Letterman, Kimmel, and ole what’s-his-name combined.)
  3. C.   He’s aware I’ve written a novel and is now following the blog for updates on progress toward publication:  The precise reason for A. and B. to begin with!! That’s one down, and only about 1,999 readers to go according to my agent who suggests that optimally, my readership should be in the 1,000’s by the time the book comes out!

Anyway, Steve insightfully suggested that if I could just find a way to tweek the story of my novel to include a hot teenage heroine with a bow and arrow, a fight to the death over food, blood thirsty mobs to salivate over the whole reality-show like spectacle, and a catchy Taylor Swift tune thrown in for good measure, I might really have something!

It has occurred to me that the most successful recent best selling novel-turned-box-office-mega-blockbusters have been written for ‘tween-somethings with a penchant for flying wizards, vampires, and now, hot and hungry archers. With apparently a load of their parent’s disposable income to burn, there’s big money to be made on the resulting video games, wall posters, tee-shirts, cosmetic lines, down-loaded itunes, and requisite action figures accompanying their Chicken McNuggets!

So, you may be wondering why then, I decided to write about – of all things – three adult women coincidentally my age (ahem, respectfully ‘middle’ that is), who are longtime friends who’ve shared their life’s challenges, joys, heartbreaks, a few hidden secrets and an inordinate amount of two-buck chuck.  It’s called ‘niche marketing’.  (And believe me, with a husband who manufactures pole vaulting poles for a living, I know about niche markets.)  My goals are slightly less ambitious however.  I’ll be just thrilled to bits to see the thing in print.  I’m not quite sure what, if any, ensuing marketing gold mine could be exploited from the story line or characters anyway, unless it’s mail order dark chocolate, a new line of chunky jewelry, or perhaps some snazzy vanity labels for custom licensed Chardonnay or old vine Zinfandel…  on second thought, stop the presses!! I better get my agent on the phone!