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Of Toilets, Towels and Toaster Strudel …inspiration can come in some unlikely places!

View from: my living room sofa – where I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time of late.

So…. I have been laid up for over a week with an angry sciatic nerve screaming at me louder than a politician’s denial of inappropriate groping. (Geez…did these guys miss that fundamental Kindergarten lesson – “keep your hands to yourself.”??) The culprit for my screaming back I’m sure is the toilet I heaved singlehandedly out of the bathroom of my newest project house because I was too impatient to wait for my big burly crew to arrive.

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What We All Want This Christmas…

View From the Front Porch:


Mood Reading: ZZZ’s (slept okay considering temps that have dipped into the low teens!)

This has been one of the more difficult blog posts for me to write.  It shouldn’t be… it’s that time of year where everywhere you go people are cheery, carols are playing, there’s usually some chocolate to be had and the air is filled with good will and happy tidings.

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