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On the Trail – Sometimes the Wildlife is the Least of Your Problems

View From the Hiking Trail:

photo copy 9

Mood Reading:  ZZZ’s (I know it’s just a piddly hour difference – but this daylight savings thing is kicking my butt.  (I hate waking up when it’s dark – and often just don’t!)

There are two kinds of people in this world:  dog-lovers and everyone copy 3

It’s not that I don’t like those in the latter category, on the contrary. I Read the rest of this entry »


When Petunias Score Higher Ratings than CNN…

View from the basket at Home Depot:


Mood Reading:  ZZZZ’s (slept pretty well after gardening all day and staying up past my normal bedtime to watch the finale of “Mr. Selfridge” on PBS)

Okay, Okay! I know it’s been weeks since I posted my last blog and I am thrilled several of you have apparently noticed and told me so. I owe you an explanation – and I wish I had a good reason.  But I don’t.  The truth is…I have several.  For anyone following this space regularly, you know (or have figured out) that I’m normally a somewhat chirpy, sarcastic, sometimes witty (if it’s a good day,) mostly upbeat person with a wise ass streak that matches my girth. Several things contribute to what I like to call my “sassy” mood…namely the amount of sleep I’ve had the night before, morning caffeine, evening Sauvignon Blanc, or the reverse of those if it’s been a particularly rough week. Read the rest of this entry »

Rachel Ray vs. The New York Times? Pass the Delicately Seasoned Popcorn please!

Weather Today: Sunny, warming, slightly breezy (good day to get outside and dig in the dirt!)

View ‘from the front porch’:

Mood Reading: ZZZZ’s (slept in this morning – yum – but after a little caffeine and view of the sunshine, have an inexplicable urge to clean out the linen closet – perhaps spring has sprung after all!)

It was all over the morning shows this morning.  Not that I regularly watch them mind you, just this morning, ahem… to catch up on the news, and world events, and uh… stock market stats etc.  Anyway, I just happened to catch this story that apparently ran in the New York Times about celebrity chefs NOT writing their own cookbooks – using ghostwriters instead.  It was all over GMA and The Today show anyway. (Alright, so C-span isn’t part of my morning repertoire.) Read the rest of this entry »