Prescription for Le Trip : Shop, Sip, Schlep, Ship….repeat daily as needed.


It’s a grey, rainy day in Paris – the perfect time to sit with a cafe au lait and tell you about IMG_0106my sunny, wonderful week in the south of France on Le Trip- and a fabulous schlepping trek through Provence .  What a terrific time I’ve had with a great and rowdy group of new friends and our fearless leader St. Jill (aka Jill Mitchell – Le Trip-the one in the hat  in photo above). If you ever want to take a Vintage Market Tour through Provence (or Paris, or a wine tour, or historical tour ) Jill is the person you want to become friends with.  She’s knowledgable, speaks fluent French, is fun, vivacious, enthusiastic about all things French and knows all the best little vintage shops and large markets far and wide. ((Very cute too-she reminds me of young Meg Ryan before that awful plastic surgeon got hold of her!) IMG_0213

Bearing in mind that the above group was not an easy one to corral in one direction  (like herding cats) Jill’s  attempts were only marginally successful.  Half of us were ADD, some were distracted by awesome prices, some by handsome french garçons, some were taking pictures, a few were wanderers, others were sitters, and some, like myself, just wanted to experience any and everything we possibly could… all at one time!  I suspect Jill went back to her apartment at the end of each day and poured a large Provençal Rose before tearing the rest of her hair out!

Not to worry – she greeted us each day for a new adventure and didn’t lose a singleIMG_0173 one of us the whole week.  (Wait, where did Rosayne get to? And Val? Did we lose Val??)

Here is a pictorial  guide of Le Trip, with some of my (ahem) astute observations and advice for further reference:

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