God and a Super PAC Make Pretty Cozy Bedfellows This Election Season!

View from the Front Porch:

Mood Reading:  ZZZ’s (howling wind last night – someone needs to tell Mother Nature that Winter is bullying our newly arrived Autumn!)

Thus far in my illustrious career as a blogger, I have tried to remain non-political on this page as not to offend my so-called “reading demographic”, god forbid.  (Notice I did not say apolitical.  I am not apolitical, but I can be non-political for short bursts of time, mostly when I’ve had a sedative along with that second glass of Sauvignon Blanc.) So… against my intuitive tendencies, I have tried to find myriad subjects to write about that don’t involve the upcoming presidential election.  This has been only marginally successful — and so categorically against my nature that I find I am not only tongue tied when trying to avoid the subject, but can simply no longer contain myself.  Read the rest of this entry »