The Misadventures of Todd and Harry… and other stupid things!

View of cabin (my retreat from the week of craziness):

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**My apologies for getting Mr. Akin’s name wrong in an earlier version:  it’s Todd, not Ted.

I came to the cabin this weekend directly from visiting a friend in the San Francisco Bay area for a few days. I always enjoy her company, kinship, stimulating conversation, and Cakebread Chardonnay. One of the several topics of breakfast conversation revolved around the absurdity of Todd Akins recent public comments regarding “legitimate” (as opposed to illegitimate) rape.  His utterance drew fire from both sides of the aisle and was denounced by both parties as pretty much wholly ridiculous, and his later explanation that he “misspoke” and meant to use the word “forcible” did nothing to quell the outrage. Read the rest of this entry »